Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Observations

For the 2nd consecutive year the defending NBA champs have been swept out of the playoffs before the conference finals. The Dallas Mavericks had done to them what they did to the Lakers a season ago. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook (The modern day EPMD) wrecked and destroyed any chances of a championship repeat from the very beginning. The Mavs never recovered from losing two close games in OKC and even the heart of a champion wasn't enough to avoid the broom. Whether it was complacency, the loss of Tyson Chandler, old age, or the Lammy Kardashian fiasco the Mavs clearly have some work to do if they want to return to championship form. Here are some observations over the weekend.

The NBA lockout is responsible for the rash of injuries suffered in the 2012 playoffs. Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Iman Shumpert, Baron Davis, and Josh Smith are all victims of a compressed NBA schedule. Thankfully we won't have to go through this for at least five more years.

Terrell Suggs, the NFL's defensive player of the year in 2011 suffered a tear to his Achilles tendon. The timetable for his return is uncertain, but he vows to be back on the field this season. Speaking from experience (I've ruptured both of my Achilles tendons) I highly doubt that, but I applaud his positive spirit. It also helps that the NFL uses the same doctors that put Steve Austin back together so anything's possible.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has no equals in the ring. After gutting out a hard fought 12 rounds with Miguel Cotto I'm convinced more than ever Manny Pacquiao has no chance to beat Floyd. Of course we'll never see the megafight because of greed, politics, and fear.

I'll Have Another won the Kentucky Derby on Saturday and no one really cares. The sport of kings is on life support and unless we see the 2nd coming of Secretariat horse racing will be all but extinct within 5 years.

Quote of the weekend: Upon hearing Felix Hernandez pitched a one hitter on Saturday a good friend of mine promptly asked the question, "Yeah, but did we win?" Not a lot of confidence in the Mariners right now.

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