Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Kobe Bryant Is Just LikeTupac

I had almost forgotten how many Kobe Bryant haters there are out there until the Los Angeles Lakers inexplicably lost to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday. Minutes after the loss I received several discouraging phone calls, sarcastic e-mails, and down right rude text messages. I've rubbed the greatness of Kobe in the face of countless sports fans over the years and I know payback is a bitch, but did any of these people even watch the game?

Kobe Bryant went out like a "G". He put the Lakers on his back and carried them as far as they could go shooting fade away jumpers, monstrous jams, and clutch 3 pointers. He left it all on the court. He emptied the chamber. He rode it till the wheels fell off. In short his efforts were heroic and the stuff legends are made of. Is it his fault the Lakers front office has surrounded him with sub par talent? Here's a list of his pathetic supporting cast.

Andrew Bynum: A complete head case and the walking definition of a schizophrenic.

Metta World Peace: A loose cannon that could self implode at any given second.

Pau Gasol: Casper the friendly ghost in clutch situations.

Ramon Sessions: A pretty boy who was completely overwhelmed by the moment.

Matt Barnes: Could care less if his team wins or loses so long as people tune in to watch him on Basketball Wives.

Steve Blake: ??????????

Mike Brown: Could not look more goofy if he went to Disneyland and put on a Goofy costume. Easily out coached.

Jim Buss: A real life version of the Chris Farley character in Tommy Boy. His dad gave him the keys to the Bentley and he's driving it off road Johnny Knoxville style.

Kobe Bryant is in the same position that Tupac was. It's just Kobe against the world when he's on the court. Still his fire, passion, and desire won't let him go out without a fight. Even when he's under maned facing insurmountable odds he's still a threat. No one can question his heart and courage. Kobe and Tupac. Two soldiers that represent to the last breath.

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