Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rafael Nadal WIll Not Win Wimbledon

It wasn't long ago the big question in the world of tennis was if Roger Federer was the greatest player of all time. He was racking up grand slam titles at a record pace and no one seemed able to defeat him. Then along came Federer kryptonite in the form of Rafael Nadal. Nadal has dominated their head to head match ups as of late and is on a grand slam binge of his own.

After winning the French Open a few weeks ago Nadal looks unstoppable. He has yet to lose a set at this year's Wimbledon and in fact hasn't lost a match at the All England Club since the finals in 2007. With Nadal playing at the top of his game it seems like a foregone conclusion he will cruise to his fourth consecutive Wimbledon victory.

That's the problem. It all looks and feels too perfect. Whenever something seems to good to be true it generally is. Just like the Patriots in 2008, the USC Trojans in 2006, or the UNLV Runnin Rebels in 1991 Nadal appears unbeatable, but I think he'll come up just a bit short.

It has nothing to do with Nadal's game and everything to do with fate. On paper no one has an advantage over Nadal, but I can't help but get the feeling that something unforeseen is going to play a big part in the outcome of the Wimbledon finals. It's usually a lucky or unfortunate bounce that turns the tide in these situations.

I'm probably a fool for betting against Nadal and I don't have any one particular player in mind that I think will beat him (I'll take the field), but experience has taught me things don't always happen the way you think they will. If my intuition is correct Rafael Nadal will lose an epic 5 set match in the finals. If I'm wrong Nadal will add more hardware to his impressive collection and become the modern day Bjorn Borg. Your thoughts?

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