Monday, June 20, 2011

From Point Guard To Pimp: The Venoy Overton Story

The University of Washington is world renowned for its academic excellence. The university prides itself on developing future leaders and The Foster School of Business is one of the top 5 business schools in America. Too bad for Venoy Overton pimpology 101 is not one of the courses offered in the curriculum.

Just months after being charged with providing alcohol to minors and consensual sex with a 16 year old point guard Venoy Overton was charged last week with promoting prostitution. It wasn't that long ago we heard a humble and contrite Overton tell the media how the experience had changed him as a person and how he would learn from his mistakes going forward. He promised to be a better person and a role model for kids.

To a kid looking up to Venoy life ain't nothing but bitches and money. It's comical to think that someone in his position couldn't find a better way to make a buck. It's sad to think that after being exposed to infinite opportunities his ambition couldn't take him further than the street corner. Instead of leveraging his contacts form the university to his advantage he'd rather act like DJay from Hustle and Flow.

Street life is typically reserved to those who can't do anything else. It's not for people with college degrees and athletic ability. For Venoy Overton there were other options yet he chose a path that is illegal and immoral by most standards. Did the UW fail him or did he fail the UW?

For the coach that stood by him when everyone wanted him kicked off the team, for the community that supported him in his time of need, and for his family that has to live with the embarrassment, Venoy owes them an apology. Going from college graduate to pimping your girlfriend is not a cool transition and reflects badly upon everyone that had a hand in his development. I hope he feels appropriately guilty.

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