Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Madness Predictions

As you might expect this is my favorite time of the year.  For nearly two decades I've been wagering thousands of dollars, annoying the hell out of my friends with trash talk, and predicting winners and losers based on an exceptional level of skill.  People spread gossip and believe what they must, but make no mistake about it, Cleavie Wonder is one of the greatest bracketologists there's ever been.  I always have my finger on the pulse of college basketball this time of year and my track record speaks for itself.  As the Big Daddy Kane would say, I get the job done.

Unfortunately there are thieves in the temple that will take my information and use it against me so I can't get too specific with respect to my predictions.  I'll have to confidentially speak in code when revealing my perspective.  A stealthy approach keeps my adversaries at bay and ensures no one benefits from my extensive knowledge of how this tournament will turn out.  It's safe to say most of the picks I divulge in this blog won't be earth shattering, but you have to get to the final four somehow right?  Lets start with the obvious.

Kansas and Louisville will be in the Final Four.  Gonzaga will not make it that far.  Syracuse will not be a sweet 16 team.  Kansas St. will benefit greatly from playing their first two games in Kansas City.  This is not the year Duke will cut down the nets.  North Carolina has some work to do.  Pittsburgh is seeded in a very comfortable place.  Miami and Georgetown will advance past the weekend.  Oklahoma St. will not be a factor in this tournament.  UCLA probably won't need to bring a change of clothing.  Ohio St. will go far.  Memphis will not.

For those of you smart enough to decipher what I just said there's a lot of valuable information in that last paragraph.  It's practically a blueprint to the championship.  I'll give more advice tomorrow and Friday (see Young Sam Rothstein's corner), but only with regards to the point spread.  It's unclear as to how many people are out there trying to poach good information from me.  I swear my cell phone is being tapped by ESPN experts looking for an edge or something intelligent to say on their show.  However it shakes out lets have fun and let the chips fall where they may.

The overall winner:  Louisville.  Your thoughts?

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