Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LA Laker B3TZ

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Orlando

To say the Dwight Howard era ended unceremoniously in Orlando would be a huge understatement.  There were run-ins with the coach, the GM, and the fans before a 3 team trade to the Lakers and now his former teammates have even turned on him.  Last week Howard made disparaging comments about them and basically eluded to the fact he was carrying a bunch of scrubs.  Tonight Howard makes his triumphant return to the Magic City and I doubt the reception will be friendly.  There will be a chorus of boos and they may even throw debris on the court.  As for the game?  The Magic will rally against their new found enemy and Dwight Howard (emotionally soft) will have one of his worst games of the season.  Orlando will squeeze out a close one.

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