Thursday, March 14, 2013

Are The Miami Heat The Best NBA Team Ever?

It's indicative of our society when we start talking about historical feats 2/3 of the way to completion.  The Miami Heat won their 20th consecutive game with an impressive victory over the Philadelphia 76ers 98-94.  The victory has various media outlets predicting the Heat will break the all time record of 33 consecutive wins held by the 71' -72' Los Angeles Lakers.  With 13 games left to go that expectation is premature and unrealistic on so many levels.

At least let the champs get within striking distance of the record before making such claims!  Their next four games are on the road with Toronto and Boston on consecutive nights.  You know how I feel about back to back games and the Celtics would love nothing more than to play the spoiler role and rain on LeBron and Ray Allen's parade.

If they get past that gauntlet they could enjoy the weekend on South Beach with some light duty against Detroit and Charlotte.  Shortly thereafter they would have to embark on another lengthy road trip (four games) with stops in Chicago for win number 28 and San Antonio for win number 30.

If it goes that far Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks come to town and I'm not so sure the future 2013 NBA MVP will let it go down on his watch.  A win against New York would pave the way to immortality with games at Charlotte, home for Philadelphia, and home against Milwaukee to set the new record.

Although I think the Heat will easily win the NBA championship I don't think they will break the Lakers record.  there's too much media pressure and hype plus the Heat don't have a Jordan like killer instinct.  It is likely they will become complacent or overwhelmed by all the attention.  This team is dominant in a passive way (if there is such a thing) and the record would only serve as a nice accomplishment, not an ultimate goal.  Your thoughts?

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