Saturday, March 26, 2011

Is Fantasy Baseball Too Much WOrk?

When I was first invited to play fantasy football I was apprehensive. I didn't think I would like it and I thought it would detract from the enjoyment of watching the game. Now it's a year long obsession and I can't wait to take out TJ Mac, Mr. Majestic, Them Beasts, and Breez Nuuts next year. I'm already scheming, plotting, and planning. I then tried my hand at fantasy basketball. The first year I quickly found out how limited and one dimensional my favorite players were. I wasn't very good at making trades and injuries were hard to recover from. The second year I could never get my line up together well enough to be competitive. I scratched after a month. This year I've been invited to play fantasy baseball and once again I'm apprehensive.

With so many position players, relief pitchers, and double switches I can't see how this could possibly be fun. Not only do you have to keep track of your own team, you have to remember all the players and stats on your opponents team. This is no longer the steroid era of baseball and most of the stars are relative unknowns just making their way onto the MLB scene. It will take a few years before we determine what they are consistently capable of. In a nutshell we have a bunch of players who will put up modest numbers, but nothing like 73 homes and 155 RBI's. The only sure thing is Albert Pujols. Other than him how can you really tell who's going to produce? I think I'll draft a team and watch from the sidelines this year. Until I get the feel of how to field a competitive team and what tendencies to watch for I don't think fantasy baseball would be much fun. If you have experience in fantasy baseball or thought on why I should play (is it even fun?) let me know.

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