Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Observations

It was a HORRIBLE football weekend in the 206, but at least the fantasy football gods showed me some love.  In my trash talking league I'm up by 40 points on the guy that shows me the least amount of respect.  Looks like I picked a good week to start David Wilson and Pierre Thomas.  Unless Julio Jones goes for 5 touchdowns and 400 yards I'll be in first place by the end of the night.

In my hurt your feelings league I'm up by 20, but my opponent has Tony Gonzalez and Julio Jones.  Once again Julio is the fly in the ointment.  If I win this match up it will be a miracle given the fact my team revolted on me.  The week I decide to bench T.Y. Hilton and Mike Wallace they have the game of their lives just to spite me.  Hopefully the fantasy football gods will make them burn in hell for their insubordination.

In my ego stroking work league I squeaked out a victory by two points without playing a defense.  I forgot to activate Cincinnati after I picked them up off the waiver wire.  They scored 29 points  That kind of error would have cost me in my other leagues, but not the EWSL.  I'm having the trophy engraved with my name on it as we speak.  Here are some observations over the weekend.

Maybe I'm getting old, but I think the biggest story to come out of the Stanford/UW game is Bishop Sankey's grandfather getting a chance to watch his grandson play after receiving a cornea transplant.  It's either old age or I'm trying to forget how the refs did my Huskies dirty.  Can't decide.

Minnesota Golphers head coach Jerry Kill had his 5th seizure before the Ohio St. game and was unable to join the team.  Not trying to sound like an a$$hole, but he probably needs to step down.  His health issues should be his primary concern and the uncertainty of his condition will eventually (if not already) hurt Minnesota's recruiting efforts.

Los Angeles beat Atlanta 13-6.  Although this sounds like a football score it was actually a baseball game.  Hard to believe the Dodgers are doing all this without Matt Kemp.

If I was Justin Verlander I'd be cussing out my teammates for their anemic offensive output on Saturday night.  If you pitch 7 scoreless innings and strike out 11 you should get the victory in a playoff game.  No excuses.

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