Friday, October 4, 2013

SeahawkCentric: Hawks Over Colts

The Seahawks face the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday and all the talk leading up to the game has been about Andrew Luck.  The so called experts have marveled over his underrated scrambling ability, his strong arm, and his pocket presence.  According to them Andrew Luck will go down in history as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game and the Hawks will have their hands full at Lucas Oil Stadium.  Did I miss something?

They must have forgotten the "Chosen One" is about to play the Seattle Seahawks.  THE MIGHTY SEAHAWKS!!!  THE TEAM THAT WILL GO 16-0 THIS SEASON!!!  THE TEAM THAT PROVED LAST WEEK AGAINST THE HOUSTON TEXANS THEY WILL FIGHT TO THE END AND DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO WIN!!!  On paper it may seem like a difficult game to some, but make no mistake about it the Seahawks will come out victorious.

The Seahawks have more talent on both sides of the ball.  The Colts have no answer for the play making ability of Russell Wilson and no one on the Colts defense can stop Beastmode from doing his thing.  Luck, Richardson, and Reggie Wayne won't be able to move the ball against the Hawks defense (especially now that Bruce Irvin is back) and ultimately untimely turnovers will spell disaster for their team.  Just like the Texans found out it's only a matter of time before someone steps up to make a big play that changes the complexion of the game.

For the record I like Andrew Luck.  I think he's a good kid with a huge upside.  Unfortunately for him he's at the wrong place at the wrong time.  The 2013 Seahawks are a team of destiny and won't let the sorry ass Colts stand between them and immortality.

Indy is nothing more than roadkill on the journey to the Super Bowl.  I predict the Hawks will win 27-17 and Andrew Luck will throw at least two picks.  That's just the way the Hawks handle business.  I'll chime in on Monday after the victory with a recap of the slaughter.  Until then let's all keep a SeahawkCentric state of mind shall we? 

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