Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Observations

I was going to start my weekend observations by telling you how LeBron James is on a mission to become a made guy and get the critics off his back, but then Saturday night happened. Timothy Bradley won a stunning and controversial split decision over heavily favored Manny Pacquiao. Having watched every second of the fight I have to say the decision is one of the most blatant examples of corruption I've ever witnessed in a sporting event. Only Roy Jones Jr. losing the gold medal in the 1988 Olympics ranks higher. How ironic both travesties of justice took place in a boxing ring. There is no way you can convince me the outcome of the fight wasn't pre-determined. Need proof? Bradley told Max Kellerman he would be willing to give Pacquiao a rematch on November 10th. Is it possible that seconds after the fight was over they could already have a definitive date to fight again? Boxing lost a lot of credibility with this one and Bob Arum proved he's slimier than Don King. That's not an easy thing to do. At this point the chances of a megafight featuring Mayweather and Pacquiao are somewhere between impossible and impossible. Oh well. What could have been. Here are some observations over the weekend.

Even in defeat I like the way the Celtics handled themselves. A surly Rajon Rondo walked off the court Isaiah Thomas style and a diplomatic Ray Allen shook hands with everyone. Personally I defend both moves. Rondo showed you don't have to like or respect your opponent and Allen showed he is the consummate professional and an ambassador for the game of basketball.

After watching the Seattle Mariners combine for a no hitter I've decided one pitcher accomplishing that feat is way cooler. The six pitchers involved in the win will not experience the same immortality associated with giving up no hits in a game.

Rafael Nadal won his 7th French Open by defeating his arch nemesis Novak Djokovic. The match was delayed several times because of bad weather and I'm sure that had an impact on Novak's performance. Too bad, he just missed the Laver Slam (holding all four grand slam titles at once).

Union Rags won the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, but after I'll Have Another was a scratch there was little interest in the race. Unless there's something historic on the line the ponies just don't provide that much excitement.

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